Deliver detailed proposals quickly and easily with our highly customisable proposal service. Simply send us your surveys, notes or tender documents and let us build the proposal for you.

  • Product Details

    Up sell products by including an image on the proposal alongside it with a clear description and the available finishes.

  • Part Numbers

    Don’t want to give away part numbers just yet? No problem, we make generic references like “Speaker Type A” that replace the part number in all documentation.

  • Summary Values

    Show the totals for each location and system at the end of each page or include a detailed write up at the end of the proposal.

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Save time by using our service to collate the product information from diverse manufacturers. Here are a few features of our Specification sheets.

  • Key Information

    Common information will be required by different trades, having this in the same location on each document will reduce errors and speed up access time.

  • A&E Specification

    We remove manufacturer jargon to provide a clear understanding of the product specification, for both the client and professionals.

  • Location Information

    Product details are only useful if you know where the product is proposed. This is why we list the Quantity and Finish of the each product by the locations it appears in.

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Our 2D technical drawings contain dynamic information directly linked to the Proposal and specification sheets.

  • Plans

    We produce a range of plans for product placement, first fix cabling instruction and detailed product setting out instructions.

  • Elevations

    Our elevation drawings contain additional product data such as depth and weight which is ideal when considering mechanical elements such as brackets.

  • Schematics

    The schematic is no longer a block drawing for visual use only, our blocks are dynamic and will report connections between devices, signals used and even the connect at each end.

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A picture speaks a thousand words, So visualise your designs and intentions with a 3D Image or dynamic model that your client can move around.

  • Product Placement

    How will a product look in a space? With a photo from a smartphone and a single dimension we can show you.

  • Whole Spaces

    We can help you visualise your space and produce walk through videos, plans elevations and much more.

  • Lighting Rendering

    Bring the visual to life with real time light rendering from sunlight and shadows to direct source lighting. We can even reproduce lighting scenes in videos!

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